Five Reasons Why The Online Learning Revolution Is Booming In Popularity

More and more people around the world are shunning the traditional classroom setting in favour of online learning. Now, you might think that is just because of the Covid-19 crisis, but in fact, the trend had already started quite a few years ago.

So, what are the benefits of e-learning? Is it really as good as studying offline and in a traditional classroom setting?

Here’s the lowdown and five benefits of studying remotely.

1. Flexibility and convenience
Are you a stay-at-home mum? Working unusual hours and unable to attend a course with a fixed schedule? Fancy studying on a course in another city, country, or continent? Well, now the educational world has been brought to the comfort of your living room or office. In online courses, you can study at your own pace and time in a location that suits you and without the hassle of commuting to a physical school. Many of us just can’t attend a regular college class because of our hectic schedules, and life just gets in the way of our plans, sometimes! Secondly, why wait months for another course to start if you’ve missed the most recent start date? You no longer have to sit on your hands for a whole semester as online learning gives you the possibility to study any time, anywhere. Not only that, but on most courses, teachers limit the number of course options to a specific discipline, whereas with e-learning, students can access a range of courses from their own homes. More and more universities are making their courses available online as they understand the new reality. It’s all about convenience and flexibility.
Moreover, students with disabilities and chronic illnesses do not have to commute every day. Education has never been so accessible!

2. Cost-effectiveness

There’s no doubt that traditional education is a luxury few can afford because it’s just so expensive! On the other hand, online courses provide equal opportunities to every student and give just as good an education as traditional universities at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, you can study any disciple online nowadays and get exactly the same certificate as someone studying at a bricks-and-mortar institution. No more paying expensive tuition fees, travel costs, accommodation (if you move to another town), etc. The bottom line is students can now save huge sums of money with online learning. Not only does it benefit students but also educational institutions. After all, why rent huge expensive buildings to host classes when you can run your business online?

3. Customized Learning
Instead of enrolling on one long, expensive, inflexible programme at a traditional college or uni, students now have the option of picking and choosing a whole host of courses or even modules to study online. You now have the opportunity to upskill, learn a trade or become financially literate by studying a Forex or Crypto course online and learning something that can really impact the kind of life you want to live. The bottom line is traditional learning doesn’t always allow for customized learning as students need to follow a rigid curriculum that may or may not correspond to their changing needs and ambitions.

4. Upskilling and Career Development
Nowadays, you can study for any academic qualification you want, right up to post-graduate degrees. Whereas employers may have looked down their noses at online degrees and education fifteen years ago, that’s no longer the case now. Online qualifications are just as academically valid as traditional qualifications gained in an offline classroom. What’s more, the average employer will be pleased to hire someone who is tech-savvy, and if you’ve studied for something online, then that’s a good sign for employers that you are tech-savvy. Thanks to online learning, many new ways of teaching have been developed so students can keep up with the fast-moving world.

5. Quality of Education
Online learning is here to stay and growing in popularity by the day. The Covid epidemic over the last two years has convinced even the most skeptical professionals and students that remote learning and working can be successful and productive, in fact even more so. Throw in the massive savings in terms of time and money and the convenience factor for both students and course providers, and you have a winning formula.The key thing to keep in mind is to choose the right provider. Make sure you can evaluate courses and understand which programs are for you and where your money is best spent.

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Written by Anthony Kent, director of Education and Online learning specialist

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